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Address: A block 5-203, block 1, Jin Bin Jie, Fourth Avenue, Tianjin Binhai New Area.
Tel :17530243            Contact: Chang Yanguo
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A company’s values define the kind of company it is now and the one it will be to meet the challenges that lie ahead. United-Win International Trading (HK) Limited established since 2010, as steel export& import distributor before already become comprehensive professional onshore &offshore materials provide partner now, believe in that the business of our customers is our business and, therefore, shall discipline ourselves to respect and observe the spirits of honesty, fairness and quality service to earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers for us to survive the test of times in an ever-changing world.


As a specialist in the steel solution provider, United-Win International Trading (HK) Limited offers a complete supply package that promises to fulfill your every requirement. United-Win already established corporation network with Logistics Stockiest, Distributors and Manufacturers such as Thyssenkrupp(GM) ArcelorMittal(EU) TATA(UK) POSCO(SK) NSSMC(JP) JFE(JP). Operating within this nexus, United-Win maintained strong reliable and successful relationships with all our clients to entrust from our clients such as COOEC COSL BOMESC PJOE MODEC ABB and so on,   to formulate optimal solutions based on accessible stock, high availability, and competitive prices. Our company believes in offering economical solutions and also to provide round the clock support to our clients whenever they need of us. Most importantly, we always strive to provide our quote to your enquiry in the shortest time so that you could make plans and arrangements for your projects.


Based on our global steel sourcing experiences to a range of services including Oil & Gas, Maritime, Mining, and Food & Beverage, as our client’s international project required, United-Win expand business to sublime itself to professional engineering materials partner. United-Win has be awarded internal distribution network by HILTI、OGLAEND、GF+、UNIFRAX and so on. At United-Win, we take pride in our consistent track-record of quality and timeliness.. Our team of qualified and professional people within the organization endear ours to provide continuous customer satisfaction for your valued work.